Pure Heart Photography

Aileen has been a gifted and talented photographer with an eye for making the mundane beautiful for years, photographing her own family and farm. In 2017, she decided to share that gift with others with the opening of Pure Heart Photography. 
Her specialty is providing affordable photography options for families, businesses, and professionals. She is especially gifted with individual and family portraits, pet portraits, and photographing farms and other commercial structures.

Aileen has always loved taking pictures with a mind toward the story unfolding before the camera. For years she applied this approach to scrapbook journaling her photos, and her gift for telling these stories shows up in her photos. Her mission is to tell the story, your story, with each photo and set of photos, so that the memories they evoke will be ones in which you can reminisce over for years to come.

Have a look at some of the collections below, and consider Aileen for your next photography project.

For a copy of Aileen's standard price list, click here. If you have further questions or have specific needs, or wish to book Aileen to take your photos, please contact her at 937.283.5083 or Aileen@PureHeartFarms.com.