Pure Heart Cockapoos

Q. Do you ship puppies?
A. We do not ship puppies as we do not believe it to be healthy for the puppy. We also prefer to meet our puppies' future owners and we have more than enough interest in our puppies from families within driving distance.

Q. Will you sell a puppy to XYZ business?
A. We will not place our puppies with agents, brokers or any third party, including pet stores and resellers. There are too many overseas bank draft/money order scams that are being perpetrated throughout the internet by unscrupulous individuals. If you are involved with this type of activity, DO NOT contact us.

Q. What flea control medications do you recommend?
A. Although we prefer that you work through your veterinarian to determine what the best flea control options for your puppy is depending on your area, here in Blanchester, Ohio we have tested many and found most of the leading brands to be unsatisfactory. We currently use a lesser known product at the recommendation of our veterinarian, and have been wonderfully surprised by its effectiveness. We couple its use with natural tick control methods (primarily chickens). You can find this product on our Recommended Products page.

Q. What do you recommend for feed?
A. Our answer would depend on your budget. That said, we are not thrilled with any dog food products on the low end of the market. We currently send our pet owners home with samples of food for both mid-range and high-end (when available) dog food. You can find these on our Recommended Products page.