About Us

Pure Heart Farms began with big hopes and dreams in 2012 as an opportunity to introduce our children to a simpler life, to learn about self-sufficiency, and the glory of God's creation. Having grown up living in rural Indiana, Craig was anxious to return to country living after having spent too many years in the suburbs and cities after leaving home. Aileen wanted the simple life, and the opportunity to raise her children in a less hectic lifestyle.

We had a wonderful 8 year run in Blanchester, Ohio, until COVID-19 came along in 2020. Circumstances surrounding COVID had us relocate to Huntsville, Alabama, and downsizing property from 20 acres to 1 acre. While it may be smaller, it is also less to manage and we plan to continue our rural lifestyle on a smaller scale.

We have so many hopes and dreams for our little mountainside "mini-farm", from self-sufficiency, to supplementary income, to raising a few animals and our own produce, and to find a way to use it for God's ministry, and glorify Him.