How to Buy a Puppy

Pure Heart Cockapoos

How to Buy a Pure Heart Cockapoo

## We are now accepting applications for new and repeat clients. ##

Unfortunately we have had to raise our prices in 2021 due to increased vet and grooming costs after relocating to Huntsville. However, our market research still shows that we are competitively priced and considerably lower than most cockapoo breeders. Current pricing for 2021 ACC Cockapoos is $1500. First deposit is 50% ($750). At time of pick, 2nd deposit of 25% ($375) is due. Remaining balance (25%, $375) is due at pick-up and must either be paid in cash at pickup or by Paypal/Credit/Debit prior to pick-up. No checks will be accepted at pickup - cash only!

Once the first deposit is received, you will be added to the waiting list and your name will be posted to the waiting list page in the order received, within 3 business days of deposit receipt.

How to Buy a Puppy from Us:

  1. A client information application form must be completed by the buyer. (Pure Heart Cockapoos reserves the right to opt out of moving forward with a sale if we have reason to believe the puppy's best interest is not intended.) Please note we do not have time to respond to applications promptly. We tend to respond to them in batches. Please be patient. We will typically call before approving applications, so please make sure your phone number is accurate.

  2. Once your application has been approved in writing via email, a deposit must be placed to hold a puppy (50% of the purchase price). This is absolutely non-refundable and applied to the price of the puppy. It can transfer from litter-to-litter for up to 2 years.

  3. Picking order is done in the order of deposit receipt. Picking will occur between 4-7 weeks of age. At minimum, we will post pictures shortly after birth, around 3-4 weeks of age, and every 8-10 days after. At the time of picking, the next 25% of the puppy price is due. Please note that if you choose to visit in person for puppy selection, interaction will be "no touch" as they may not have been vaccinated yet at this point.

  4. Puppy pick-up will begin at 8 weeks of age. The final 25% of purchase price (all of remaining balance) is due IN CASH at time of pickup. All previous deposits must have cleared before pickup. Please note that puppies not picked up by 9 weeks of age may be subject to a $15/day boarding fee.

NOTICE: DO NOT submit a deposit or payment until your application has been approved in writing via email!

If you do so and your application is not approved we will NOT be able to provide you a full refund due to Paypal fees that we incur.