Pure Heart Cockapoos


Q. Do you ship puppies?

A. We do not ship puppies as we do not believe it to be healthy for the puppy. We also prefer to meet our puppies' future owners and we have more than enough interest in our puppies from families within driving distance.

Q. What are your recommendations for flying puppies?

A. Since we do not ship puppies, we have had a few puppy owners fly in to get their new furbabies. When this happens there are some special considerations. First, each airline likely has different policies as to the minimum age of the puppy before being allowed to fly. In our experience, this age has usually been around 10 weeks old, but you need to check with your airlines when buying a ticket. Second, all puppies must stay with you in the cabin during the flight. This is a PHF policy, as we do not want our puppies being flown in the baggage compartment. Typically we recommend a soft carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you. Third, an additional USDA health certificate is required to fly a puppy out of state. This cost will be passed on to you at our cost, and usually runs under $60. Finally, it is incumbent upon you to check with your airline for any additional considerations. We cannot be responsible for any oversights or mistakes on your part.

Q. Can I buy a puppy with undocked tail and/or keep the dew claws?

A. Due to our adoption processes, this type of request is very difficult to accommodate. Puppies have their tails docked and dew claws removed within a few days of birth to minimize pain before nerve endings develop in these areas, and cannot be done later. There are also other risks involved.

Q. Will you sell a puppy to XYZ business?

A. We will not place our puppies with agents, brokers or any third party, including pet stores and resellers. There are too many overseas bank draft/money order scams that are being perpetrated throughout the internet by unscrupulous individuals. If you are involved with this type of activity, DO NOT contact us.

Q. What flea control medications do you recommend?

A. Although we prefer that you work through your veterinarian to determine what the best flea control options for your puppy is depending on your area, here in Blanchester, Ohio we have tested many and found most of the leading brands to be unsatisfactory. We currently use a lesser known product called Activyl, at the recommendation of our veterinarian, and have been wonderfully surprised by its effectiveness. We couple its use with natural tick control methods. These products are listed on our Recommended Products page.

Q. What do you recommend for feed?

A. Our answer would depend on your budget. That said, we are not thrilled with any dog food products on the low end of the market. We currently send our pet owners home with samples of food. Currently we use Diamond brand products. You can find these on our Recommended Products page.

Q. When is your next litter?

A. Breeding is not an exact science. There's no way we can know exactly when our next litter will be, but we typically know how many litters we plan for each year and approximately what quarter of the year they will be born. Most of our puppies are reserved before the litters are born, so if you are interested, you need to be prepared to be on a waiting list for up to 2 years (though we almost always are able to provide puppies within a year.)

Q. Can I get a puppy without a docked tail?

A. Because tails must be docked within 3 days of birth to minimize pain associated with the tail docking (Nerve endings do not develop in the tail until 3 days old.), to get a puppy without a docked tail you would have to be #1 on the waiting list and you would have to choose your puppy immediately at birth. Also, full price must be paid up front.

Q. Can I get a dog with X color?

A. We cannot guarantee color availability. Although we do try to breed for certain colors, but are not professional geneticists. Additionally, in some cases color may change as the puppies age. The best indicator of coloring is previous litters by the same parents. Obviously with 1st time dams, we can only provide our best guess as to coloring.