Our Retired & Non-Breeding Dogs

Pure Heart Cocker Spaniel

Lady Annabelle Primrose Hamilton of the Second Creek (retired)

Call names: Annie, Annabelle, or Annie-bay

Doting Mama & Grandma

AKC Registered Cocker Spaniel

Buff and White Ticked Coloring

Birthday: June 27, 2012

Pure Heart Cockapoo

Prince Charming Enchanted Hamilton of the Pure Heart

Call names: Charming, Charm-Charm, Tarm-Tarm, Eesh, Eesh-Good

ACC Registered Cockapoo

White/Cream/Champagne Coloring

Birthday: January 28, 2016

Prince Charming Enchanted Hamilton of the Pure Heart is our handsome cockapoo and Annabelle and Jack's baby boy. He is the perfect mix of Annabelle's sweet, loving, gentle demeanor and temperament and Jack's playfulness and energy. We can't wait for you to meet him.

Charming is fixed, and therefore he is not breeding stock. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we only breed first generation "F1" cockapoos, and Charming is an example of how beautiful, sweet, and intelligent these dogs are!