Waiting List

Pure Heart Cockapoos & Cockers

Waiting List

Please be aware that our puppies are likely to be spoken for before they are born. To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend placing a deposit to be added to our waiting list. 

If you would like to be put on our waiting list please contact us! We require a 50% non-refundable deposit towards the price of a puppy to be added to our waiting list. Deposits are non-refundable! We do not refund deposits if you change your mind or your circumstances change! The 50% deposit is paid for the privilege of having a spot saved for you on our waiting list.

We have ONE LIST for all cockapoo litters and ONE LIST for all cocker spaniel litters. This list is based on the order in which deposits are received. After the puppies are born, we will give people on the waiting list the choice of whether or not to choose a puppy from the currently available litter(s). If you choose to wait for another litter, you will keep your spot on our waiting list. This new policy will help families on our waiting list get a puppy sooner in the event one or more of our moms does not get pregnant as planned. Pure Heart Cockapoos & Cockers reserves the right to hold back up to 2 puppies from any litter if we so choose to keep as our own family pets.

The current waiting lists are as follows:


    Cockapoo Waiting List

    Cocker Spaniel Waiting List